Cloud Leather Hair Slide

$39.00 USD

Enjoy Effortless beauty with our Cloud leather hair slides. They're a quick and easy way to accessorize to your hair style. These etched and hand-dyed leather bun holders come with a matching walnut hair stick, and provide comfortable, damage-free all day hold.

How to use:

Simply twist your mid-to-long length hair into a bun, slide the leather piece over and insert the walnut hair stick through one hole, then push the stick into the base of your bun to keep everything sturdy, and out through the opposite end and you’re done!

Each hair slide comes wrapped in stylish custom packaging, ready to enjoy or easy to gift.


Width: 3 in. x Height 2.75 in. x Thickness: 1/8 in.

Wooden Hair Stick Length: 5.25 in.

Each piece of leather is unique and may have slight variations in color or surface markings.


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